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by KhalilH2OP

Artwork by Laurits Hanak & Ditte Marie Tygesen.


'Isoscele' is the new EP from KhalilH2OP
The trio at the heart of KhalilH2OP remains; Minais B, Yen Towers & vocalist NikkiH2OP on this occasion active in the production work and handing the microphone to others. The opening track, Ferrari, is one of the group's first, and it takes the differing perceptions of death and grieving in Scandinavia and Mexico as its theme. The lyrics were written and recorded with Mexican vocalist Ana Lopez in Copenhagen, and tells the story of how Lopez's uncle was sent to heaven with flowers and music, not into the ground in silence, ruminating on how the cosmic inflects one's perceptions and choices. Shatter and Jericho are a pair of collaborations with Copenhagen artists Panxing and Sa Rah, respectively. Jericho marks the latter artist's debut, and is a bewildering ride through glacial synths and cascading artefacts of percussion, with clutches of voice hovering in between each and every dimension. The EP's final track—and namesake—brings Danish-Italian composer and vocalist Francesca Burattelli, as well as Danish-Russian flautist Andreas B. Trap-Jensen, into the fold. Burattelli's lyrics, sung in Italian, are paired with a warm and dancing woodwind recital that together manage a kind of cyber-pagan shoegaze.

Posh Isolation 228 

released September 13, 2019

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