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Ditte Marie Walter Tygesen is a Copenhagen based award winning visual artist and designer in  theater, costume, sculpture and film. She graduated from The Danish National School of Performing Art in 2020 with a bachelor in set and costume design.

Ditte is a board member of the The Union for Danish Designers for Stage and Screen.

Coming up

2023 - HYPER SWITCH ULTRA FAGGOT - Premiere April 2023 (cos)  

2023 - HEXETESTAMENTET - Passage festival - Premiere August 2023  (set+cos)  


2022-  SKYLD - Aalborg Teater - dir. Hans Henriksen. (GRIF production. (set+cos)

2022 - ANTIGONE - Aalborg Teater - dir. Camilla Kold.   (set+cos)  

2022- MELLEM HIMLEN OG HAVEN - Auto poul Cph - dir Pamela Angela (set)

2022- HIMMELVENDT - Aarhus Teater - dir. Line Paulsen  (set+cos)  

2022- XISTENS - Teater Grob - dir. Sargun Oshana (set+cos)  

2021- JEG ER VINDEN - Aalborg Teater - dir.  Camilla Kold (set+cos)  

2021- ALTER FESTIVAL 2021 in Aarhus (stage/event design)

2021- RUZALKA - Basement cph - dir. Thjerza Balaj (cos)  

2021- DE SKØNNE DAGE I ARANJUEZ - Aalborg Teater - dir. Hans Henriksen (set+cos)  

2020- MADELEINE OG DRØMMENE -Kolding Egnsteater -dir Emil Rostrup  (set+cos)  

2020- THE BRIDE OF NATURE exhibiting   (cos+online exhibition)  

2020- THE COMBAT - Takkelloftet, the Danish Royal Opera - dir. (set+cos)  

2020- ALICE  - The Danish National School of Performing Art - dir Anastasia Holst Nørlund(set+cos)  

2020- FRAADS albumcover and musicvideo  (cos)  

2019-  COSTUME for musician XIN  (cos)  

2019-  ISYCH -  dir Marcela Lucatelli  (set+cos)  

2019- KNUD RISING  (In production) - dir. Christian Voldborg Andersen (set+cos)  

2018- VINTER  at The Danish National School of  Performing Art (set+cos)  

2018- ALENE SAMMEN - Papercut Issue magazine release party (event design)  

2017- FÆDRAS LOVE - The Danish National School of  Performing Art - dir Emil Rostrup (set+cos)  

2016- ENTEN ELLER - Teater SOMOM -  (set+cos)  

2016- MANNEQUINNERNE - Super16 production - dir Natalia Anna Ciepiel  (set+cos)  


2017-2020 Scenography and costume design, The Danish National School of Performing Arts

2019 Internship at designer Nicholas Nybro

Awards and accolades

2022- Talent Reumert 2022

2021-Internationel Center for Knowledge in the Arts‘ program Enhanced Practice with assigned mentor Miriam Frandsen

2021- Wilhelm Hansens Fondens honorary scholarship 2021

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Contact Me

+45 6015 7585

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